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Our Story

Lifestream is a AI-enabled video analytics company that has its sights set on building the best next generation of consumer intelligence and data. Through our industry-leading video-technology system, we bring to life authentic human behaviors and experiences for the world’s leading brands.

Our history began with carrying an inflatable sofa around the streets of London and asking people to share their stories, on video, with no predetermined set of questions or responses. Just a conversation about what mattered in their lives.

Since the days of an inflatable sofa, we’ve built technology and innovative approaches that stand at the intersection of data and empathy – illuminating trends, behaviors, experiences and insights that would otherwise go undetected. With our video technology, brands have gained access to data, analytics, and insights at scale which are more authentic and valuable – the next frontier of consumer intelligence.

Welcome to the future of consumer intelligence.

Important Documents and Information

Results of the Open Offer

The Open Offer has now closed. A further 117,982,250 shares were applied for. As the Chairman has approved all applications, a further £117,982.25 has been raised.


Results of General Meeting

The General Meeting which was convened for 11a.m. on 23 August 2022 was duly held and all resolutions were duly passed. Note that the nominal value of each ordinary share has reduced from 3p to 0.1p with effect from 11a.m. on 23 August 2022. Note that no new share certificates will be issued to this effect and therefore shareholders should treat their share certificates as being for 0.1p shares rather than 3p shares.



Notice of General Meeting and circular to Shareholders

This document is regarding the proposed subdivision of the shares of the Company, a subscription for ordinary shares and a proposed open offer of ordinary shares to shareholders/ Read more in the final circular (PDF). 

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Group Annual Report & Financial Statements

Big Sofa Technologies Group Limited Unaudited Accounts – 2020

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Explore how data from video AI can improve your business.

Explore how data from video AI can improve your business.


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